The Planet and Dixie Devil

Part of what drives us (and most athletes we know) is the importance of being responsible guardians to our world. Our two-wheel journey connects us to our surroundings, raw and unfiltered, while having virtually no impact on the environment. Finding ways to minimize our tread-marks in our sport is about knowing where our equipment and apparel comes from and how it contributes to waste, energy, labor and the community from which they are made.

There is no substitution for quality, and Dixie Devil™ believes working with manufacturers who offer sustainable and innovative fabrics, precision in design is just as important as environmentally sound practices. Our manufacturers have been awarded the prestigious Sicurezza Certificata by Oeko-Tex, which measures the impact of production processes on people and environment, changes in washing and cleaning the textile and the effect of chemical ingredients in the fabric on human health and well-being.

Attention to detail is critical for Dixie Devil™ and knowing where our products come from gives customers a clear conscience. None of Dixie Devil's products are sewn in sweatshops or mass-produced; all garments are handmade in Northern Italy and the USA, under strict Italian, EU and U.S. environmental and labor laws. Ensuring our garments are high quality, non-toxic and safe for you and the environment ensures the multiple sports we create for will continue to be low-impact and leave less environmental footprint.