Why More Women are Becoming Triathletes

Triathlons: this intense test of endurance is taken on by many enthusiasts a year. Women were not always a huge presence in triathlons. These days, however, a growing number of women, from stay at home moms to business executives, are becoming triathletes. What’s the draw? And is becoming a triathlete right for you?

Women in Tri

The Ironman World Competition is a good gauge of women in triathlons. The first year, 1978, there were 15 participants...all men. The next year, one woman competed and came in 5th place out of 15 total finishers! The number of women participating in the Ironman has increased as the years have gone by. The most recent statistics show that around 37% are women, and that number is ever increasing.

Why are more women becoming triathletes?

There has been a nice rise in women in triathlons recently. A lot of this is due to several women-only triathlons such as the Danskin, She ROX, and Espirite de She, and the rise of female triathlon teams. So what do triathlons have to offer the average lady?

-Sense of accomplishment

There’s nothing quite like training for something for a full year (or years) to be able to participate in something so monumental as a triathlon. Participants need to train in swimming, cycling, and running. Not easy, but boy do you feel like you’ve conquered the world when you participate in your first triathlon!

-Sense of community

There is SUCH an amazing sense of community in the tri world. Women for Tri is a great organization that encourages women to join the sport as well as works as a way for women triathletes to connect.

-Sense of empowerment

Especially in today’s climate, women are looking for things to give them a sense of power. Nothing breeds confidence quite like testing your body to its limits and coming up victorious.

Is being a triathlete for me?

So now that you know how amazingly beneficial it is to join the world of triathlons, you’re probably wondering....is this for me?! If you’re someone who enjoys a challenge...being a triathlete is right for you. If you’re someone looking to get fit and have fun in the process...being a triathlete is right for you. If you’re someone looking to accomplish a big goal that will have you and those around you feeling a sense of pride...being a triathlete is right for you!!

But, I’m not in shape, you might say. Well, there are women of all walks of life in triathlon and trust me they’ll tell you shape and size does not matter! Or you might protest and say you’re “too old”. Well, what would you think if I told you about the Iron Nun...Madonna Buder...a true inspiration who, at age 82 (!!!!) completed her first triathlon! She only started training for triathlons at age 52. And she’s still going strong, having just completed her most recent Ironman in 2017 at age 87!

With more and more women entering the field of triathletes, there is a greater need than ever to have variety in the choices of triathlon clothing. Women don’t want the same old boring tri suits everyone else is wearing and they don’t necessarily want plain old solid colors like the boys are wearing! And that’s why I created Dixie Devil, to cater to those women who want to kick butt and look like a million dollars doing so....for those who want to flaunt both their fashion sense as well as their talent!